my work celebrates “child-spirit” fm birth. 

one’s birth, childhood, young adulthood to transition into womanhood.


baby and child slow collection |

CITY GOATS BABY & CHILD is created for pleasure and educational purposes. Celebrate “beautiful minds” and “nourishment of skin”. Embrace parental, childcare givers’ consciousness on health, safety, ethical production and environment. 


woman slow collection |

CITY GOATS WOMAN is created to celebrate the wild-child within woman. Raw yet sophisticated. Healthy yet playful in every day routines. 





i grew up in a 3rd generation of Traditional Chinese Medicinal family with 70+ yrs of practices up to now. Ancient wisdom and philosophy of harmonious living governs details of my day to day life from healing herbs, seasonal diets to healthy siting, walking postures that nurture a balance of inner organs and spirits. In other words, it was a celebration of health consciousness, every day practices and respect to natural laws that governs humans. I was living in Hong Kong until 13yrs old, so it was natural for me to envision a healthy lifestyle that travels between city and nature.



moving to vancouver, canada allowed me to further grow my interests in nature, ancient wisdom and indigenous culture. I felt deeply connected to/admiration for west coast landscapes, native american culture, poems and costumes that somehow on the other side of the world aligns harmoniously with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine yet grounded with movements and joy. This gives birth to the design origin of City Goats Woman Prototype- 

“a cultivation of the primitivity of indigenous culture” and “a celebration of nature” which I find could be a great gift to our city living.    



being a mother of muk (6yrs old) brings me back to re-experiencing, witnessing my own childhood. This sense of “wild-child” within liberates as we interact in day to day activities. I’ve studied early childhood waldorf education for two years and continually explore rudolf steiner’s work on the well-being of human development. The connectivity from our babyhood, childhood, young adulthood to womanhood as just one. This becomes the backbone of City Goats’ design-“wild timelessness." Our physical form might grows yet the longing for love, freedom radiates from our “child-spirit” remains.



wong ching ching 


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