Muted Charcoal Canvas
Muted Charcoal Canvas
Muted Charcoal Canvas
Muted Charcoal Canvas

The Aloneness Pants

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Tell children beautiful stories of how their clothes are made.
Dyed with Plants Only*
Certified Organic Only*
Recycled Water Technology Only*

'Along the railing rolling a white snake, perhaps aloneness'

'The Aloneness Pants' comes with a signature City Goats treasure hunt side-waist pack. Pleated elastic waist. Durable and comfy. Tonal stitching. Unlined. Healthy. Safe. Slow Collection. Wildcrafted with GOTS certified plant dyes GOTS certified organic cotton. Vegan friendly. 


FREE of formaldehyde
FREE of extractable heavy metals
FREE of residue from pesticides & herbicides
FREE of pentachlorophenol (PVP)
FREE of carcinogenic dyes
FREE of PVC plasticizers-phthalates
FREE of organic compounds
FREE of chlorinated organic carrier
FREE of biocides
FREE of flame retardants
FREE of colour fastness (staining)
FREE of determination of odour
FREE of chromium VI
PH neutral

I'm a City Goat.

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