Founded in 2016, City Goats established its naturally rooted niche in New York, Copenhagen, and Japan. Crafted with GOTS Certified Natural Plant Dyes and Organic Cotton, the slow collection was granted the MILK JAPON award in recognition for City Goats’ sophisticated, wild aesthetic.

City Goats symbolizes a slow, healthy quality way of life in the city where nothing can stop children from enjoying their wild nature.

My deep connection for nature came from two special people: my father and late grandfather who were traditional Chinese medicinal herb practitioners for 70+ years. They passed on the passion of living a health-conscious, quality life to me through the healing power of herbs. Each City Goats garment is dyed with medicinally rich herbs to both proactively address textile pollution in the fashion industry and move towards healthier, harmonious living that truly defines quality and happiness.

My two years of studying Waldorf Early Childhood Development is the backbone of City Goats’ design: ‘Wild Timelessness’ that is simple and functional, strong yet delicate where imaginary free-play is encouraged. 

At City Goats we show children the world they live in is beautiful. By bringing love and mindfulness to every step of the creative process from our sustainable material selection via organic cotton farming, to the artisanship of crafted design details and our ethical garment production, we weave the stories of wild dyes that are extracted from pomegranate, indigo, madder, harda, soap nuts, sea salt, etc. Planting seeds of love, honesty, warmth and gratitude for children, together we cultivate the future’s beautiful minds.

Wong Ching Ching / mother, founder

I'm a City Goat.

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