Botanical Care


Free & clear detergent (other ones contain brightening agents)

Delicate wash cycle (lower impact & saves energy)

Cold water (lower impact & saves energy)

Wash black separately from light colours*

For clothes with hooks use a net-bag

Hang to dry or use a delicate drying cycle

Tip for a natural fabric softener:

3 drops of your favourite essential oil* onto 1 - 2 wool dryer balls per load

* tea tree is a great disinfectant


before purchase. know the differences.

City Goats' certified botanical dyed garment is different from regular botanical dyed garment.* As nchemicals has been added throughout the whole process of dyeing methods. it should not be compared or treated like a chemical dyed garment. it naturally fades after used and reacts to food spills, dirts which we deeply respect this 'imperfection' in nature and value it as opportunity for children to experience true beauty.

Chemical dyes are designed to be ‘perfect’ and resist biodegradation. Even a small amount of these effluents is highly damaging to the health of lakes and rivers. ‘imperfect’ botanical dyes are biodegradable and sustain a healthy, natural life cycle. Unpredictabilities, color variations and organic marks narrate the timeless beauty of nature living in each garment. Exposure to the sun, air, sweat and one’s laundry care style may organically result in color changes. To help you imagine, think natural leather after used.

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