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  When femininity reaches their centre, it’s love. When masculinity reaches their centre, it’s singularity. Both are two aspects of the same coin but entering the core in different ways. Femininity is receptive, the womb, receiving. Masculinity is assertiveness, moving outwards, upwards. The design of our city does not support...

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  I first read about LOVE as being the solution for a sustainable future from a book called Grow Small. Think Beautiful by Schumacher College. For those who are unfamiliar, Schumacher dedicated themselves with leading thinkers, nobel prize winners, practitioners, activists of our time to work on shaping out a...

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This journal starts from I. I already feel the fears coming out speaking of I. I start from I, because we were raised to care for everyone else but ourselves. So this journal is dedicated to I; the mystery of I. How little we feel when we talk of I....

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