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City Goats, Made in Hong Kong
Meet City Goats a utilitarian, minimal, slow fashion brand for kids. We came across their feed on instagram and couldn’t believe they were made in Hong Kong. Inspired by the birth of their daughter, City Goats was co-founded by Ching Ching and her husband Michael. We asked Ching a few questions about her brand over a casual interview. Shy and quietly beautiful, she charmed us as much as her clothes.

Tell us about City Goats:
City Goats is a modern kids wear brand for slow living. We design baby and kid’s clothing crafted with 100% GOTS certified botanical (natural plant) dyes and organic cotton.  Color variations, marks, and imperfections inherent to the product are part of essential beauty which City Goats believe adds authenticity and longevity during use.

We love how you use plant based dyes and have a sustainable ethos on top of the gorgeous minimalist design. Why is sustainability important to you?
As a kid, I grew up surrounded by herbs from Herbal Medicine as both my grandpa and my father were Chinese Medicine Practitioners, with over 70 years of experience.  They transmitted to me the knowledge and belief of healing properties of nature and got me interested in the therapeutic properties of botanical dyes.

Where did the name come from? We love it, “City Goats,” has such a playful vibe to it 🙂
I visited an urban farm in Portland with my family in March 2016 and read a book called ‘City Goats.’ Similar to raising goats in the city; the slow pace and a strong connection to nature, is the lifestyle we believe is the best for raising kids in the city.

What’s your background as a designer?
I studied Psychology and always had a passion for philosophy, arts, design and clothes.

What inspires your design and styling for city goats?
When my first child, Muk, was born, I searched for clothes that are healthy and respectful for nature and that were at the same time modern, detail-oriented and functional for play. My design and styling are mainly driven by practicality and desire to cultivate the beauty of simplicity and authenticity.

What next? Where would you like to see the brand in the next few years?
We currently have online customers from Europe, US, Japan and Hong Kong. In the next few years, we’ll be cultivating a better online and offline experience in different cities of the world to best serve our customers’ needs and lifestyle.

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