Good Health. Good Earth. Good Life.

Why do we choose botanical dyes over chemical dyes?

City Goats’ vision is to proactively address textile pollution in the fashion industry and to

bring the love and consciousness of ‘GOOD HEALTH. GOOD EARTH. GOOD LIFE.’ to children, people and nature. In textile processing, which includes dyeing and printing, more than 8000 toxic chemicals are involved. 72 of them are consistently found in waterways from this process, 30 of which are non-biodegradable. These highly toxic and mutagenic chemicals threaten our good health and good Earth. Chemical dyes have existed for only 146 years and are constructed from petroleum, whereas botanical dyes are dated back 5000 years ago. They demonstrate human collective wisdom across various ancient ways of knowing from Indigenous, Chinese and Indian cultures. The timeless systems of soaking and bathing textiles in medicinally rich herbs that retain anti-allergic and anti-microbial properties is well supported by today’s science. City Goats believes that through the healing power of herbs, we consciously move towards a slower, harmonious way of living that truly defines quality and happiness.



A City Goats garment is

PH neutral

FREE of formaldehyde

FREE of extractable heavy metals

FREE of residue from pesticides & herbicides

FREE of pentachlorophenol (PVP)

FREE of azo/carcinogenic dyes

FREE of PVC plasticizers-phthalates

FREE of organic compounds

FREE of chlorinated organic carrier

FREE of biocides

FREE of flame retardants

FREE of colour fastness (staining)

FREE of determination of odour

FREE of chromium VI

A City Goats garment is


Recycled Water Technology


Filtered waste as compost

Desizing with sea-salts & mineral-water

Finishing treated with aloe vera

Natural mordants only

Anti-allergic and anti-microbial properties

A City Goats garment is "Good Health. Good Earth. Good Life."

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